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Work as a Web Developer

Work as a Web Developer post by my friend: Chris Lemque Since most of the job requires computer skills, I decided I should have a job that is related to my course since it is already an advantage to me (I am a graduate of Computer Science and finished Information Technology by the way). I […]

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When More Counts Better Than Few

A new way of earning money through content writing and blogging has been born. Search Engine optimization is the newest trend in writing online contents for online references and journals. Writing an SEO-based article is almost like writing according to the initial prescription of the client – only that the client would provide the writers […]

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The Evolution of Web Development

After graduating college and finishing two courses which are “Bachelor of Science in Computer Science” and “Information Technology”, I wanted to work as soon as possible because I want to earn money right away. Not thinking straight and afraid of failing in such companies that offers computer jobs, I ended up working in what is […]

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Reading Real Life Plays – Press Release Importance

The second reason for creating press release is to enhance image. Under this campaign, the initially set image of the client is blown to the media in order to impose retention of the idea to the minds of the audience. Through this kind of press releases, the original image is sustained by providing other supporting […]

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Posting Money – On the Internet

Internet is the most used form of media in the office industry today. On the complete scale of demographics, it is the second most utilized medium in the current society, behind Television, over magazines and newspapers. Now seen as the most lucrative medium around, enterprises, businesses, various institutions and even religion have now thought of […]